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  • What is Gesture VR?
    Gesture VR is your own personal life drawing studio that you can access in Virtual Reality! Explore over 200 unique poses of humans, animals and props. Draw with our virtual tools in either 2D or 3D, or switch to passthrough and draw on a real pad of paper or sketchbook from a virtual model.
  • Who is Gesture VR for?
    Gesture VR is designed for a broad spectrum of users ranging from professional artists and illustrators to art students and enthusiasts. The user interface is designed to be accessible and intuitive, even if you're new to Virtual Reality.
  • What makes Gesture VR unique?
    Gesture VR sets itself apart from other art applications with its unique focus on education and immersive learning. It offers an extensive library of over 200 photogrammetry-captured models, advanced VR drawing tools with pressure sensitivity, customizable lighting, and a pioneering passthrough mode for drawing on physical paper. These features, combined with an intuitive interface, make Gesture VR a standout choice for artists at any skill level.
  • What equipment do I need to use Gesture VR?
    To use Gesture VR you need one of the following Virtual Reality headsets: Meta Quest 1, 2, 3 or Pro HTC Vive XR Elite PCVR headsets through Steam VR. (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/Quest, Valve Index) In order to use Passthrough drawing you will need a standalone VR device that supports mixed reality. (Quest 3, Quest Pro, Vive XR Elite)
  • What platforms is Gesture VR available on?
    Gesture VR is available on Applab (Soon the official Meta Quest Store), Viveport and Steam.
  • Are there any peripherals compatible with Gesture VR?
    Stay Tuned.
  • Which devices support mixed reality drawing?
    Quest 2 (Not Recommended) Quest 3 Quest Pro HTC VIVE XR ELITE
  • How do I start drawing in Gesture VR?
    Drawing in Gesture VR is designed to be easy and intuitive. Your virtual pen acts as a pointer on the apps interface. You can draw by either pressing the pen up against the paper pad for 2D drawing, or pull the trigger to draw in 3D. For more detailed instruction, see our tutorials tab.
  • Can I save and export work from Gesture VR?
    Yes! Drawings made in the app are automatically saved to your virtual sketchbook and can be accessed at any time by returning to previous pages. You can export the current page as a PNG under the "Camera" tab. 3D drawings exports are not supported. To access the files you'll need to plug your quest into a PC with dev mode enabled and navigate to: \Android\data\com.NickLaddVrArtandAnimation.GestureVR\files\Images We are looking to improve this workflow in the future.
  • What kinds of models and poses does Gesture VR offer?
    We have over 200 lifelike poses, many of which were captured at the Xangle3D photogrammetry studio in Montreal. The models are stylistically shaded with a grey material to resemble statues. Our pose picker can help you choose the poses you want quickly and easily. Aside from humans there are also a multititude of animals, historic statues, and monsters to draw.
  • How does the passthrough drawing mode work?
    Passthrough drawing mode allows you to draw a virtual model using real tools. It can be enabled in any scene and hides the studio environment. By hiding the studio environment you can pull in a real paper pad and draw the virtual model with real pencils or charcoal. All the virtual tools still work in this mode too, so you can have fun doing 3D scribbles around your work area.
  • Is the artwork created in Gesture VR private?
    Yes, all of your art is saved locally to the headset. We can't access any of it.
  • Can the nudity be toggled?
    Yes, on most platforms the nudity can be toggled on and off. You'll find the setting in the pose picker tab.
  • How much does Gesture VR cost?
    Gesture VR costs around $20 USD. It's approximately the cost of a single life drawing session.
  • Where can I purchase or download Gesture VR?
    You can click the purchase button above for links to the various storefronts. Otherwise, just search for us the next time you're in VR.
  • Are there educational licenses available for Gesture VR?
    If you represent an educational institution and want to use Gesture VR in the classroom, please send us an email at
  • I'm experiencing technical issues with Gesture VR. What should I do?
    Uh oh! Send a message to or try our Discord server
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