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Gesture VR virtual life drawing

Virtual Drawing

Gesture VR offers intuitive 2D and 3D drawing tools with pressure-sensitive virtual pens, lazybrush control, and a vibrant colour selection, enabling artists to create with new dimensions of control and creativity.

Mixed Reality Drawing

Gesture VR's passthrough drawing mode* allows artists to sketch on physical paper while viewing virtual models, bridging the tactile feel of traditional drawing with the advanced capabilities of VR.

Not available on all devices*

gesture vr passthrough quest 3

Over 200 Models!

gesture vr pose library vr life drawing


Choose from our extensive library of over diverse poses, featuring male, female, and various creatures.



Adjust the with dynamic lighting to cast the perfect shadows and highlights on models.



Rotate the poses to explore every angle, offering endless variety and perspectives.


3D captured in Montreal @ Xangle3D


Check out what people have been making!

"Maybe the coolest VR idea I've seen EVER."

-Mike Yeoman - Artist at EA Motive

What else?

1. Pen Repositioning

You can easily adjust your pen position relative to the controller. You can even position it backwards and hold the controller like a pencil. Really!


2. Multiplayer

Enter the studio with up to three other artists. Draw separate poses, or select "sync poses" to draw together from the same model. 


3. Studios

Switch between three different environments: the classic art studio, the dark studio, or the bright studio. 




A new way to enjoy Gesture VR. Choose from five models and then strap in for an one-hour session as the poses gradually increase in duration. 

Open Studio

Enter an empty studio without any models and draw whatever you please.


The classic Gesture VR experience. Browse the entire pose library and set the timers, lights and poses yourself.


New to Gesture VR or Figure Drawing in general? Come learn the basics of both to get you off the ground.

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